IDD Therapy patients testimonials

“Tim was great. He has explained my MRI scan which showed my spine was very compressed -not twisted – which explains why all the other treatments didn’t help. Thank God he had the IDD Therapy machine. Can’t rave about it enough! It’s fab.” Carolyn White

“When I broke a vertebrae and herniated two discs in my lower back I saw a lot of consultants, none of whom seemed to know what was causing the pain. Having been a patient at Berkhamsted Osteopath’s for several years I decided to try their new IDD Therapy treatment. Tim was very patient and explained exactly what was going to happen and stayed with me throughout the treatment. After only 2 – 3 sessions I started to feel less pain and I was able to walk a lot more easily. I cannot recommend IDD Therapy enough as without it I would still be in terrible pain. Thank you very much Tim.” Dorothy Mullins, Berkhamsted

“Wow! Woke up at 6.20!! I Almost 8 hours’ sleep! Not had that in ages. Looking forward to today’s IDD Therapy session at 5.30 with Clare – feeling optimistic!” Swim Coach, Buckinghamshire

“Undergoing IDD therapy with Tim and his team has been the most positive and effective treatment that I have received since herniating my C67 4 years ago . Living with discomfort and limited mobility had become the norm – I can highly recommend this dynamic and non-invasive therapy. Thank you Tim.” LB, Berkhamsted

“My whole quality of life has changed following the IDD treatment and I am now 99% pain free without the use of any pain relief.” John Coughtrey, Hemel Hempstead

“Thanks to Tim and Claire at Berkhamsted Osteopaths I am now able to enjoy a once in a life time world cruise and do so many things without thinking about it. Before we left I was in a lot of pain and I struggled with the slope from the pavement to Tim’s door on my first visit. Now whether it is temples in Bali, paddy fields in Singapore, a hillside sheep station in New Zealand or the hills in San Francisco I have enjoyed everything pain free and without thinking about it. I have skipped on and off boats, trains and buses without a second thought.  This is what I have gained from the IDD treatment, to live life to the full without having to think about it. Their skill and gentle care have given me my life back.” Lyn Reed, Buckingham

“After a lifting injury at the end of March – I was left with horrendous pain, causing sciatica down my left leg, intense burning and a numb foot. I was unable to stand for very long, sit for more than a few minutes and couldn’t work. After an MRI showed a disc bulge, compressing the root nerve I was given a steroid injection. This actually made my symptoms worse (8 weeks in) and 10 sessions of physiotherapy further aggravated my leg pain. My consultant then suggested a repeat steroid injection or surgery to remove the disc bulge – however I was hesitant given my age (37) and the risk of fusion.
By chance I Googled alternatives to disc surgery and IDD Therapy came up. I met Tim at Berkhamsted Osteopaths mid-June. He took the time to explain how the IDD machine worked, and that with my MRI images and symptoms, success rates are around 80% after 10-20 sessions. I had to try as I wanted to avoid surgery and the lengthy recovery/side effects that could occur.
The sessions on the IDD machine are strangely relaxing, and I tend to fall into a light sleep even though I was very nervous starting the programme. I started to feel gradual improvement after 4 sessions. I’m now nearly off all my prescription pain relief, back at work, sleeping well and pain free 5 weeks after starting. The whole team at Berkhamsted Osteopaths have been supportive and I would recommend them to anyone.”
C.S, West London

“After sustaining a back injury at the end of August the initial treatment from a different type of practitioner that I used to see didn’t work and things seemed to be going downhill. After 2 weeks of increased pain I went to the doctors who prescribed medication for my now severe sciatic pain and also saw the NHS physio who gave me some exercises to do. The pain was so intense, sleeping was becoming a problem and driving almost impossible. After no improvement after 2 months I went to see Tim Hanwell at Berkhamsted Osteopaths to enquire about IDD treatment to see if it would be of benefit to my condition.
Tim explained the IDD treatment to me and referred me for an MRI scan which I had done the following day. The MRI showed that I had a bulging disc in my lower spine pressing onto the nerve. The good news was this condition was suitable for IDD treatment which started at the beginning of the next week. Over the next few weeks the amount of pull of the spinal decompression from the IDD machine gradually increased up to the maximum for my weight.
Initially the IDD treatment had very little effect on my pain levels but once the pull got close to its maximum I started to feel the benefits and was able to reduce, then completed stop, my strong pain medication. Just 10 weeks after treatment started I have very few symptoms left and most of the time can’t tell that there was a problem at all. After sitting in the car or lying down for long periods I can feel a very small amount of pain or discomfort but this passes soon after if I walk around. Over the last week these symptoms have been decreasing too as my nerve is starting to heal.
I expect to be back to 100% very soon and looking forward to running again after another 6 weeks or so recovery. Throughout the treatment Tim (and Clare who treated me for a few sessions) have been brilliant with their bedside manner, explaining what is happening and answering all of the many questions I had. I hope I don’t have this happen again but I if do I know to phone Tim straight away and can certainly recommend him and the IDD treatment for anyone else who is suffering from sciatic pain.”
Mr R. Berkhamsted

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