Qualification success for sports therapists at Berkhamsted Osteopaths

We are delighted to congratulate two of our practitioners Charlotte and Arabella who have both attained their Sports & Exercise Medicine Masters from Queen Mary’s University, London. As Sports Medicine specialists they are now able to provide evidence-based exercise rehab plans as well as continuing to offer hands on osteopathic treatment.

They both have experience working with sportspeople of all levels and backgrounds and their specialist knowledge of the movements and injuries related to individual sports enables them to formulate personal treatment plans. These can comprise of hands on osteopathic treatment, and progressive rehab exercises tailor-made with a patient’s particular injury, anatomy and medical history in mind.

A typical appointment with Charlotte or Arabella for a new sports injury may include:

  • A discussion about the specifics of your injury.
  • A full orthopedic assessment of the injury site and surrounding areas.
  • Functional testing – seeing how the body moves for specific movements relating to your normal activities.
  • Hands-on osteopathic treatment, taping or strapping of the injured area.
  • Formulation of an individual rehab plan and home exercises.

Advice will be given to you on how to manage the injury and where appropriate you can be videoed doing your new exercises on your phone as an aide memoire for home exercising.

Often niggling, recurrent sports injuries can be due to dysfunction in other areas. Charlotte and Arabella both firmly believe that no matter how long you have been in pain there’s no reason to stay there!

Contact Charlotte or Arabella for an appointment