Sports Therapy

Sports Injuries

Our team of osteopaths and sports therapists can help with a wide range of sports injuries. We regularly treat:

• Rugby /football players
• Tennis players
• Golfers
• Skiers
• Runners/
• Triathletes

Sports Massage

Sports massage can be used to help those with stress or injuries but is also used by many to relax and unwind. Its deep techniques are different to those of therapeutic massage and it has many benefits:

Improve circulation & lymphatic flow
Assist in the removal of metabolic waste
Sedate or stimulate nerve endings
Increase or decrease muscle tone
Increase or decrease muscle length
Remodel scar tissue when required
Assist in mental preparation for sporting participation

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation is appropriate for those with new injuries or chronic injuries. This differs from sports massage as it may utilise other techniques such as dry needling, taping techniques, strengthening exercises, stretching and flexibility, proprioceptive exercises and joint mobilisations.

A 60 minute session is required initially to fully assess the injury and to diagnose the problem. Following this, treatment and rehabilitation can begin. Home exercises will usually be prescribed to enhance your healing time and reduce the amount of sessions you need.