Charlie Mead


Charlie Mead Osteopath in Berkhamsted

Charlie graduated from the BSO in 2011 and currently shares her time between Berkhamsted Osteopaths, a clinic in The City, and her own business providing osteopathy in-house to large businesses.

She has special interests in treating sports injuries and children, and has completed various additional courses, including a Sports & Exercise Medicine Masters at Queen Mary's University London in 2016, where she was taught by the medics and physiotherapists for Arsenal FC and the Royal Ballet.

Many of Charlie's patients do sport, some to professional standard. She takes great pride in providing specific, tailored treatment to each of her patients, to improve the biomechanics required for their particular sport and support them in their training.

Charlie has experience treating all types of patients, from athletes and expectant mothers to babies, teenagers and the elderly. She uses a variety of treatment modalities including exercise based rehab, joint manipulation, soft tissue techniques and cranial osteopathy.