Patients' Testimonials

The treatment is first class...

I have been going to Berkhamsted Osteopaths regularly for over ten years and would not hesitate in recommending them. Any back or muscular problems I have had have always been successfully resolved.

Simon, Berkhamsted

Very friendly and professional...

Tim and Juliet run a very friendly and professional practice. After a very painful and bad back, they had me back playing golf again after a short series of treatments..

Mr G, Berkhamsted

They are always accessible...

Berkhamsted Osteopaths are wonderful. They are thorough professionals who I have total belief in. They are always accessible and will try to see you as quickly as possible. A very happy and pain free patient.

R. H.

Always go the extra mile...

Berkhamsted Osteopaths are always friendly, willing to go the extra mile to help. They want to make sure that they provide individual treatments. I have been a client of Berkhamsted Osteopaths for nearly 7 years through two pregnancies to date. I highly recommend them.


Without Juliet's expertise, I would still be suffering...

I was in a lot of pain with my back but thought it would fix itself over time. After more than a month of worsening pain, I decided to go and see Juliet, after a personal recommendation. I should have sought treatment sooner, but like most people, (particularly men) put it off.

Juliet managed to ease the pain and loosen my fairly twisted back; she also put me on a simple stretching exercise regime. With every session, my back improved. I did have a relapse, but that was down to me not taking advice. Again, Juliet sorted me out pretty quickly.

Like most people, I spend a lot of time sitting at work. Over time this has come back to bite me.

Being pain-free makes a huge difference, being able to sleep and walk - the things we take for granted.

Without Juliet's expertise, I would still be suffering and not getting better.


Significant transformation...

I have been a patient of Tim Hanwell since 2005 when my Lumbar Stenosis problem first started. At the time the pain was excruciating.

Following referral to an orthopaedic consultant surgeon the decision was to operate; however, my GP advised osteopathy as a possible alternative to surgery, and recommended Tim.

Following intensive osteopathy sessions the transformation was significant; I’ve been visiting Tim since then and whenever my back problem recurs. I always found Tim highly professional, caring and engaging.

Dr Muthana A Jabbar

IDD Therapy testimonials

99% pain free...

My whole quality of life has changed following the IDD treatment and I am now 99% pain free without the use of any pain relief.

John Coughtrey, Hemel Hempstead

I would recommend IDD...

Now I am a lot better and glad I had the treatments. I was being treated for lower back pain with tingling and numbness to the lower legs. I found the staff caring and professional and would recommend giving IDD a try

Anonymous patient

Thoroughly recommend IDD Therapy...

I would thoroughly recommend IDD Therapy with Berkhamsted Osteopaths. Having been in pain for years with a slipped disc, I was not expecting much but from the very first treatment I had more mobility and less pain and over the weeks I felt better and better.

Tim and his team are very caring and do all they can to help their patients feel better. The service they give is very good indeed.


I am now free from pain...

I have suffered for many years with back problems which were particularly severe in April/May 2019. Having tried physio and chiropractors, I arranged my own MRI scan and Xray and took those results for a consultation with a specialist back consultant.

The consultant diagnosed L3/4 stenosis and a Grade 1 degenerative spondylolisthesis at L4/5 causing bilateral buttock pain and back pain.  The consultant would not resort to surgery, as he felt that it would not give much benefit if any, because I also had facet joint arthritis.

However, after undertaking my own research, I discovered IDD Therapy and Tim Hanwell at Berkhamsted Osteopaths, who are equipped to deliver IDD Therapy. I have just completed a 6 month programme of IDD Therapy, which consisted of over 20 sessions. Initially, there was little improvement until we had completed 15 sessions. It is different for different patients. I am now free from pain.

I recommend Tim Hanwell and his team to you and of course the IDD Therapy

John, Amersham

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