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Foot & ankle problems

Osteopaths are trained to help with mechanical foot and ankle complaints as well as fallen arches, ankle strains and rehabilitation following fractures.

Plantar Fasciitis

Pain in the arch of the foot which is often felt in the heel.  It is more uncomfortable after long periods of standing or standing after long periods of immobility,  and is worse on first standing in the morning.  Ice, stretches, foot and calf massage may help relieve symptoms.

Achilles Pain

Inflammation of the tendon of the two calf muscles.  This can be due to overuse or to acquired flat feet (where the inner side of the foot or arch flattens) known as over-pronation.  Ice, calf massage and foot manipulation may help symptoms.  The achilles may need strapping, or foot supports/ supportive trainers.


Minor injuries to the ankle and feet causing swelling, bruising and pain.  Rest, ice, elevation and compression may alleviate some of the early symptoms.  Later, exercises can be performed to strengthen the ligaments.

Stress Fractures

These may be due to overuse or over-training causing a small crack in one of the bones.  The pain is usually felt towards the front of the foot and is made worse by weight bearing.  The fracture is diagnosed by x-ray and MRI scan and the sufferer is advised to rest and may have to wear a restrictive boot.

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